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Lessons for Popular Instruments


Bass Lessons


What will I learn from bass lessons at the school?

The possibilities are endless but it all starts with your passions. What bands and genres do you love? We'll get you started by breaking down your favorite songs and learning the skills needed to play them. Gerald plays alongside his students as often as possible (on bass, drums, and piano) so you also gain the experience of performing with others during every visit. Other popular areas of study include reading, improvisation, and using recording software. 

What styles of bass do you teach?

You name it, it can be taught here! There really is no limit to what styles you can learn at Norwalk School of Music. We can focus on your favorite genre by analyzing and playing along to songs or work with various method books that will lead you through many of the most popular styles. The choice is always yours. 


Bass lessons at Norwalk School of Music can benefit complete beginners and seasoned players who are looking to gain more skills. You'll be coached step-by-step, with each lesson building on the last. Lessons are custom tailored to each student's preferences, abilities and musical goals. All ages are welcome.

What's the #1 reason to choose the Norwalk School of Music for bass lessons?

One major element that sets this school apart is having multiple instruments in one teaching studio, and a teacher who can use them all to accompany the students. We all learn faster with real-world experience. It's priceless for a bass student to groove along with a live drummer. Their part in a song will make more sense by having the chords played alongside them by a pianist. These valuable experiences never occur at other lesson studios but they happen everyday here.

Do I need to buy a bass to begin lessons?

You don't need to buy a bass to get started. There is always an extra available in the studio. However, you should look into investing in a bass if you want to learn the instrument. You won't see much progress from week to week without a bass to practice on regularly at home.  


Ready to start?

You have nothing to lose.

Sign-up is easy and can be done any time or day of the week. There are no large upfront payments, no complicated contracts, no annual material or performance fees, and no minimums. Book whatever is right for you.

  • A single lesson

  • Weekly lessons (pay month to month)

  • Reserve for the semester (3 months)

Lessons are first come, first serve, so contact today to arrange your first lesson!



$53 / 30 minutes - Single Lesson

$45 / 30 minutes - Weekly (month to month)

$40 / 30 minutes - Semester (cash only)


$90 / 60 minutes - Single Lesson

$80 / 60 minutes - Weekly (month to month)

$70 / 60 minutes - Semester (cash only)


A one-time registration fee is $25 (due only at time of registration).

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