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Rave Reviews


"Gerald is a fabulous teacher....he keeps my son interested and wanting to learn more. He’s able to understand quickly what will motivate his students and how to make learning fun for them. It’s amazing how much my son has accomplished!"             

Andrea Wood  - Norwalk


"If you want your child to love and appreciate music, then Gerald Myles is the teacher for you. My son loves his lessons with Gerald and has a new found confidence from his new talent. He has taken lessons from 2 different teachers in the past and they just didn't foster the same level of creativity that Gerald does. He is the best!!!" 

Amy Tucci  - Norwalk


"Gerald is a knowledgeable and talented musician. Additionally, he is a thoughtful and encouraging teacher. As an adult study I feel lucky to have Gerald as my teacher!"

Beth Cotter  -  Greenwich


"Here is what my 13 year old (who has been a student of Gerald for three years) has to say: “He is the best teacher, whether you are a beginner or have prior drum experience, a student could ask for. He is calm and patient. He stresses the importance of practice and good technique. He teaches how to read sheet music in an easy to understand way. He allows students to be creative and pushes them musically. He has made me a better drummer. I look forward to working with him every week.”

Becky and Sam Aurilio  -   Norwalk


"Gerald has taught both of my sons --one drums and one piano. My boys have really enjoyed their lessons and Gerald is great with them."

Anne Lund  -  Norwalk


"I was Gerald’s drum teacher for many years. He’s grown into a terrific player, teacher and human being. Now, many years later, he’s teaching my daughter to play. I couldn’t be more proud or confident that he’ll do a tremendous job teaching her. His professional teaching studio is well setup and inspiring! His methods, level of competence and patience make him the #1 choice!"

Mike Spremulli  -  Norwalk


"My 13 year old son Luke has been learning to play drums at Gerald's for two years now. Gerald has covered the essentials of drumming and gotten Luke through many of the times when Luke needed to learn a new song for the youth worship band he is in, school performances and a youth Fine Arts competition he participated in as well. Gerald will know when his student is not practicing and will let them know how important it is to practice so that his students can reach their potential. With Gerald, Luke has learned how to read music, understand dynamics and have fun doing it. Gerald is a one of a kind teacher that you will not be disappointed in. He will let you know how you are doing and what you need to do to get better. Learning on your own or with the wrong teacher can cause a student to hit a wall in their progress and never have the tools to establish clarity or momentum. This will not happen with Gerald as your teacher. I recommend Gerald 100% to let you know where you are at and let you know what to do to get better. He is a professional in what he does." Paul and Luke Conzo  -  Norwalk


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Sign-up is easy and can be done any time or day of the week. There are no large upfront payments, no complicated contracts, no annual material or performance fees, and no minimums. Book whatever is right for you.

  • A single lesson

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Lessons are first come, first serve, so contact today to arrange your first lesson!



$53 / 30 minutes - Single Lesson

$45 / 30 minutes - Weekly (month to month)

$40 / 30 minutes - Season (cash only)


$90 / 60 minutes - Single Lesson

$80 / 60 minutes - Weekly (month to month)

$70 / 60 minutes - Season (cash only)


A one-time registration fee is $25 (due only at time of registration).

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