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Piano, Bass, Drum Lessons Norwalk, CT

School Videos

A Montage of Student Videos

Enjoy a few short samples of what Norwalk School of Music drum students were working on last winter holiday season. Students love learning and recording holiday music videos to share online with family and friends. They'll look back and cherish these keepsakes forever. 

Teacher/Student Duo

Mason began taking drum lessons with Gerald at the age of 4 and is growing into an amazing musician. He always looks forward to the next video shoot after learning a new song. This time around, he asked his teacher to join in. 

Student/Student/Teacher Trio

Michael (bass) and Ryan (drums) have been playing side by side throughout middle and high school. Both were students at Norwalk School of Music for many years before heading off to college. Teacher Gerald Myles was honored to be a part of their final video shoot before saying goodbye. 

Piano Student Home Project

Norwalk School of Music piano student, Pete, demonstrates his skills as a player and audio/video engineer. We spend lesson time learning the music. In addition, we study digital audio recording using Garage Band and editing/synchronizing multiple cameras with iMovie. His final project was to create, edit, and post his music video entirely from home!


Teacher Does It All

Norwalk School of Music owner/teacher Gerald Myles shows his creativity and skill as a multi-instrumentalist. His students enjoy the benefits of having him demonstrate techniques on their instrument while holding the ability to accompany them with another instrument to create "live band" situations. 

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